ARK: Survival Evolved: Linux Server Tools (English Version)

A smart guy published a handy tool on GitHub, which helps to install and manage the survival game server under Linux.

ARK Server Tools by Fez Vastra is a shell based tool. It simplifies the installation of a server for ARK: Survival Evolved on Linux and brings a bunch of helpful commands for starting, stoping, updating and creating backups. The sole prerequisite is SteamCMD.

All information on how to install this tool can be found in the README, including required entries for your iptables.

How it works

After the installation and configuration of ARK Server Tools, you get a few simple commands to handle the server. Some of them are:

# starts the server
arkmanager start 

# stops the server
arkmanager stop 

# updates the server
arkmanager update 

# updates the server after a secure world save
arkmanager update --safe 

# shows some status information like the current server version
arkmanager status 

# creates a backup of the current world
arkmanager backup 


The tool can be downloaded on GitHub, where you will find additional information too.
There is still the option of a manual installation if you have trouble installing or using the application. You can read more about that in our article ARK: Survival Evolved Linux Server HowTo.

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